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Value Engineering in Construction: Our Approach to Project Design

Value Engineering in Construction When applied to the construction process, value engineering has enormous benefits for developers. The multi-step process is an integral part of the design stage of new development and aimed at increasing value. In value engineering, value is defined as a function divided by cost. Concentrating on the maximizing the project’s function …

2020 Tenant Improvement Trend Predictions

The latest trends in tenant improvement projects influence what construction companies are building, where they’re working, and how jobs are getting done. From sustainability concerns to accessibility, priorities in tenant improvement projects are shifting, and the latest changes to the field are giving rise to new opportunities. California’s construction market continues to be dynamic, and …

Baidu Office Commercial Build-Outs

Local TI Leader: What We’ve Learned in 40 Years of Commercial Build Outs

The Bay Area is home to many of the most dynamic and innovative businesses in the world. It’s the nexus where new ideas, technologies, and companies are constantly coming together, launching the next big enterprises, and taking established firms and brands into the future. As companies change and evolve, so do the spaces where their …

Open-book build for TI project ThinFilm

Early TI ROI: 8 Reasons to Choose an Open Book/Design Build for TI Projects

People often throw around the phrase “I’m an open book,” when talking about themselves, but rarely do they follow through on the level of transparency it suggests. But when it comes to construction, having an “open-book” pricing method requires complete transparency between the owner of a project and their design-builder or contractor. When pricing out …

Tenant Improvement Space

Sci-Fi Now a Reality in Tenant Improvement Space

When it comes to tenant improvement (TI) projects, the more you take advantage of emerging technology in your design, the more you can improve and advance the workspace. From deploying remote controlled lighting and using unified communications to adopting new techniques, such as augmented reality and automated construction, you have more options than ever before …

Managing the 85 Million Dollar Client: How to Approach Client Management in Construction

Whether you’re a project manager or developer with lots of experience working on smaller build projects or an architect looking to enhance your portfolio, making the leap to larger scale projects can be intimidating. With the right tools and mindset, though, the transition can be smooth, rewarding, and satisfying. Below, you’ll find the information you …

Choosing the Right General Contractor for Your New Build

Finding the right general contractor for a new project doesn’t need to be a time-consuming or challenging process. Of course, you need a combination of reliable teamwork, strategic onsite management and straightforward budgeting to ensure your project is successful. But to streamline your decision-making process, ask the following questions when you’re researching firms: 1. What …

How Architects Save Time and Money during a Project’s Construction Phase

As we all know, allocating a client’s budget during the cost estimation stage of a commercial building project’s design phase is vital to helping stretch their resources. However, this is not the only phase during which architects can help make the most of the budget. Though design professionals may feel more at home when planning …


Sticking to a Budget: Three Tips for a Well-crafted Cost Estimate

When it comes to cost estimation, it can be difficult to bridge the gap between design and construction. Architects and general contractors approach cost estimation and budgeting from different vantage points. Various estimates are made during the different stages of a project. In the early design and planning stages, for example, architects develop design cost …


Five Tips for Improving Communication between Architects and General Contractors

Communication between general contractors and architects is vital, from the cost estimation phase, throughout the construction phase, and right up to the grand opening. However, maintaining good communication throughout the design and construction processes can be easier said than done. Due to different priorities, perspectives and expectations, architecture and construction teams may not always see …

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Cost reference guide

Cost Reference Guide

Our Bay Area Cost Reference Guide provides up-to-date construction pricing and market data; it's a critical budgeting tool that can deliver conceptual estimates and that can save you both time and money.