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Cost Estimation in the Time of COVID and Beyond

The global pandemic has led to changes that have impacted our entire industry. Supply chain issues, in particular, have rippled through the world of construction. In the past, a lot of supply chain issues could be cleared up simply by paying to expedite things. However, that’s not really an option these days. It’s not a …

How We Do Business

The Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to build in the country, so you’ve got to trust the people you’re working with. At SBC, business is personal. We do good work with good people. No matter who we’re working with, we want them to feel a part of the SBC team. We …


Value Engineering in Construction: Our Approach to Project Design

Value Engineering in Construction When applied to the construction process, value engineering has enormous benefits for developers. The multi-step process is an integral part of the design stage of new development and aimed at increasing value. In value engineering, value is defined as a function divided by cost. Concentrating on the maximizing the project’s function …


Cost Estimation: The Cornerstone of Every Construction Project

Laozi, an ancient Chinese philosopher, once said, “A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.” Likewise, the most complex large-scale construction projects could not begin without an accurate estimation of costs. Accurate cost estimation by professional construction estimators is critical in creating and maintaining a feasible budget of project costs. Elements of a …

Conceptual budgeting and risk assessment

Predicting Soft and Hard Costs: Conceptual Budgeting and Risk Assessment

Any construction project comes with its own unique set of risks — but the better and more thorough the estimate, the more likely the project is to succeed. Conceptual estimating and budgeting help to assess the costs and risks of a project. This is important as it allows your team to understand how expensive a …

Rising Construction Costs: What Your Company Should Do Next

The construction industry is built with a strategy in mind: assembling anything from the ground up takes time, foresight, and a reliance on tried-and-true methods. But recent increases in material costs have required construction companies to reconsider the building blocks of their business. In the Bay Area especially, where there is a high demand for …

Tenant Improvement Construction Workers

The TI Race: From ROM to Market Ready

Planning a renovation is kind of like a puzzle, especially when it comes to scheduling different companies and contractors. If you’re trying to plan your own Tenant Improvement construction project, it may seem easy to call designers, carpenters, and plumbers and schedule everything yourself. But when plans start to go awry, it can be hard …

Open-book build for TI project ThinFilm

Early TI ROI: 8 Reasons to Choose an Open Book/Design Build for TI Projects

People often throw around the phrase “I’m an open book,” when talking about themselves, but rarely do they follow through on the level of transparency it suggests. But when it comes to construction, having an “open-book” pricing method requires complete transparency between the owner of a project and their design-builder or contractor. When pricing out …

How Open Shops Motivate Competition and Drive Value in the Construction Industry

During the past century, unions have been associated with maintaining industry standards and protecting employee rights. Trends in recent years, however, suggest open shop policies may be better at fostering an inclusive and competitive environment where contractors can implement multiskilling and other streamlining tactics. An open shop construction policy, also known as a merit shop, …


Digging Deep Into Conceptual Budgeting: Foreseeable and Unforeseeable Costs in Cost Estimation

Pre-construction estimates are some of the first deliverables given to construction clients. From framing a budget to predicting hard and soft costs, conceptual budgeting sets the tone for the overall build. While many clients are eager to begin a new project, it’s important to first analyze location, environmental hazards, and the unforeseeable costs of a …

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Cost reference guide

Cost Reference Guide

Our Bay Area Cost Reference Guide provides up-to-date construction pricing and market data; it's a critical budgeting tool that can deliver conceptual estimates and that can save you both time and money.