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Project Spotlight: The Stadium Tech Project

Despite having to survive the Great Recession after its 2007 inception as well as overcome significant construction challenges, the Stadium Tech project emerged triumphantly in the spring of 2016. Its Santa Clara address is within shouting distance of nearby Levi’s Stadium and in the heart of Silicon Valley. Six stories of floor-to-ceiling glass, the distinguishing …

From Architects to General Contractors: Why Cost Estimation Is All About Relationships

All construction efforts start with cost estimation—from estimating materials to estimating labor costs—a lot goes into the preliminary estimate of a project. However, despite the need for accurate information, the most important aspect of cost estimation is a quality relationship between the project team and the general contractor. The more in sync contractors are with …

Inside the Mind of a General Contractor: From Estimating Construction Costs to Groundbreaking

Construction Estimation is one of the most essential phases in the construction process. How a general contractor analyzes a construction build plays a major role in the groundbreaking of new project. Understanding what goes into the conceptual budget of a project is vastly important in fiding the right general contractor for your latest project. Recently, five of …


South Bay Construction Launches Updated Cost Reference Guide

South Bay Construction is proud to announce our newest Cost Reference Guide that you can download for iOS and Android! With our newest version of the app, you can get the most up-to-date construction pricing and market data to help you in your latest construction project. The pricing guide mirrors the current Bay Area market …


Construction Project Budgeting 101

Maintaining a budget is difficult no matter whether it is tracking household expenditures or a multi-million dollar construction project. Sticking tightly to an agreed upon budget takes discipline, but it can be difficult on a large project where there are many fingers in the pie. While a construction budget should be seen as an evolving …


The Story Behind Construction Planning: Preparing a Construction Project for Launch

Chances are great you’ve seen a ceremonial photograph from a ribbon cutting ceremony. Smiling people don hard hats, cut the ceremonial ribbon, or overturn a symbolic shovelful of dirt in front of key stakeholders to mark the beginning of a project. In reality, this ceremony is far from the beginning. Interested parties have been working …


Utilizing Green Building Technology in Construction

  Without a doubt, green building is on the rise as trends attest. According to McGraw-Hill Construction publication, 28 percent of architects, engineers, contractors, building owners and building consultants around the world report that they are focusing their work on sustainable design and construction by doing at least 60 percent of their projects green. The …

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Cost reference guide

Cost Reference Guide

Our Bay Area Cost Reference Guide provides up-to-date construction pricing and market data; it's a critical budgeting tool that can deliver conceptual estimates and that can save you both time and money.