Conceptual Budgeting

Reliable, Accurate Estimates

One of the advantages of being in business for over 40 years is having experience. Our experience, combined with accurate information and construction knowledge, proudly results in precise estimating. In fact, our preliminary estimates have been historically accurate. As such, South Bay Construction is known in the industry as a reliable source for accurate conceptual estimating, which is why developers, brokers, architects, CM’s, and end-users alike depend on us to help them make informed business decisions. To learn more about how our expertise can help you develop a smart deal, contact us today.

Our expertise is defined by experience and trust. We value integrity, honesty, hard work, and solid, lasting relationships.

You can be sure that our expertise in conceptual budgeting and cost referencing makes us a reliable choice for your business deal. We seek to offer meticulous, structured estimates on which you can rely.