Powerful tools don’t get the job done. People do. That’s why a strong team is critical to the success of any construction project. We recruit the best professionals — and we make sure they stay the best, providing constant training and education. Our teams arrive ready to prevent problems, overcome obstacles, and find solutions. They also make it a top priority to share important information and ensure everything is out in the open.

Executives oversee pre-construction and remain engaged throughout construction and completion. They work closely with the design team, the client, and the architect to ensure everything is done right.

Along with key members of our staff, they manage the project all the way through to completion.

The project manager heads the entire construction effort. During pre-construction and construction, our project managers are dedicated to satisfying the requirements of the job by providing solid direction and implementing proven control processes.

They bring years of experience to the job, along with an understanding of what it takes to get things done on time and on budget.

The project engineer assists the project manager during the pre-construction and construction phases.

Our project engineers coordinate between the sub-contractors, architect, superintendent, and project manager. Their daily responsibilities include submittal review, RFI’s, schedule control, and project coordination.

Alongside the project manager and project engineer, the project superintendent supervises construction effort in the field.

Project superintendents are involved from the pre-construction phase to the client’s move-in. Our project superintendents have many years of experience, which helps them find the most cost-effective solutions while maintaining an unsurpassed level of excellence.

Project coordinators are responsible for office and clerical activities — tasks that help keep things moving smoothly.

Their involvement begins during the bid process and continues through final project close-out.