Expert Proficiency From the Start

Succeeding in Bay Area construction involves an understanding of geological forces and human nature. As such, South Bay Construction provides a full range of pre-construction services, including estimations, detailed cost-value analysis, on-track scheduling, and procurement statements. Our experienced management team is present in all stages of each project and seeks to exceed all expectations— from inception to completion. Our clients are our number-one priority, so when you put your trust in us, we promise to deliver.

We estimate conceptual plans, schematics, and design development, based on a time-tested estimation system that conforms to the Construction Specifications Institute. At every stage, we delineate line item by line item to ensure transparency and accuracy.

We explore every opportunity to reduce costs—but we never compromise quality, performance, and maintenance. We especially emphasize structural design as it relates to the U.B.C. Requirements and its overall effect on the architectural elements. We also maintain a library of historical cost data, current pricing, performance data, maintenance data, and state-of-the-art products for review. Transparency and cost efficiencies are the result.

We develop detailed schedules identifying the project’s critical path, stages, and milestones. We make it easy to track all progress.

We advise the client/architect of lead times for all materials and equipment. This enables the architect to develop documents and take advantage of alternative pricing. It also lets everyone involved understand if scheduling goals are attainable. South Bay Construction prepares schedules to reflect all early order items — as well as delivery dates —before and throughout the construction process.