Construction at 1091 Industrial, San Carlos - March 2022

South Bay Construction Has The Expertise To Get The Job Done

One of the things we love about the Bay Area is how vibrant, diverse, and rapidly growing the whole community is. The work encompasses a wide range of projects — everything from concrete tilt-ups to large, sprawling commercial spaces, and biotech and life science facilities. For all our clients, we use our four decades of experience to deliver precise and reliable estimations of costs. We have a reputation for providing accurate conceptual budgeting that provides an accurate baseline to work from, providing the flexibility and knowledge needed to make sound business decisions, plus it helps prevent any surprises that might pop up down the road.

The South Bay Construction Pre-Construction Process

Throughout the pre-construction process, and even more generally, we create and share detailed schedules tracking the project’s critical path and milestones, advising on the lead time of all materials and equipment, letting everyone involved know if scheduling goals are attainable.

At South Bay Construction we do pre-construction at a nominal or no upfront fee. When we decide to work together, we structure our pre-construction and come back to you and, together, we agree on a rate. Then, we get to work. In most cases, this fee is simply rolled into construction costs and we’ll work until we’re awarded the project. If the project goes away, or if you want to go a different route, that’s fine by us. You simply pay the agreed fee and we give you all the work we’ve done. It’s a fantastically smooth process, and, we’re proud to say, we’ve never not been a fit. We work this way because we believe in earning your trust. Also, being present from such an early stage allows us to solve any problems before they become a potentially larger obstacle.

The Value of Communication

We’d say the value of this goes without being said, but that wouldn’t really be good communication. Communication is a key aspect of any construction project. It helps form a strong, cohesive construction team whose sole purpose is to oversee your project while maintaining communication, facilitating decision making, and ensuring that things keep moving forward.

Our Value Engineering Process

At SBC we like to apply value engineering to the construction process because it has enormous benefits for developers. Our value engineering workshop is a multi-step process that is an integral part of the design stage of new development. During this process we concentrate on maximizing your project’s function while minimizing costs. The value engineering workshop involves the project team who reviews the proposed project, performs a functional analysis of the facility, obtains the owner’s definition of value, defines key criteria for the project, and offers alternative solutions for the project. You can learn more about our full value engineering process here. However, in short, it is a process that leads to fantastic results that can address all aspects of the building lifecycle from the initial construction through the sustainability of sourced materials and utility efficiency of the final project.

What does South Bay Construction look at when approaching a project?

Our team always looks for ways to add value with higher quality products that will increase the value and your overall satisfaction with the project. With life-cycle analysis we build out options that work to create a balance between initial construction costs and the long-term operational budget of the development. We also provide maintainability recommendations of systems and products that will reduce maintenance cost over the lifespan of the building.

Expertise at South Bay Construction

Our team at South Bay Construction is made up of professionals with years of experience in their roles. Each team member is armed with the latest education and training that they use to prevent problems before they appear, to tackle any obstacles head-on, and to devise innovative solutions that deliver the results you expect. We’ve built a huge range of projects, from commercial buildings, retail, shell retrofits, tenant improvements, biotech, healthcare, and labs. If you’ve got a question or project you’d like to talk to us about, give us a call at (408)-379-5500 or shoot us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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