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The Value of Pre-Construction Services

Planning is an integral part of any project. For the construction industry in particular — where many moving parts come together over the course of a build — a well-conducted planning phase can guarantee that every detail is accounted for over the lifespan of a project. At South Bay Construction, our pre-construction phase provides a holistic overview of a project’s building method, its logistical requirements, projected completion date, and a clear picture of its final outcome. This process sets the stage for a successful build. Here, we break down the value of pre-construction services, and why you shouldn’t start a build without them.

Accurately Define Project Parameters

A solid channel of communication between the client and the contractor is a foundational component of the pre-construction process. By working together to define project parameters and expectations, our team can ensure our client knows what to expect from a build, while the client can rest assured that we understand their objectives. Pre-construction allows us to share hard-won insights from our years of field experience, and we get the opportunity to absorb and translate our client’s vision through effective conversation. Once we have helped to define the constructability of the project and incorporated value engineering suggestions, we can provide an accurate construction cost assessment of the project. By bringing everyone onto the same page early in the game, we set the stage for a successful build.

Build Invaluable Team Relationships

Building Team Relationships Using Different Stakeholders

The success of any build depends upon many different stakeholders, who are highly skilled in their respective areas, coming together in order to complete a project. Pre-construction provides a space for these different team members — architects, engineers, contractors, and workers — to share their unique perspectives, express any field-related concerns, and collaborate. Subcontractors who are familiar with the job site, for instance, can provide on-the-ground workflow communication to the architects and engineers who usually view a project from 30,000 feet. This dialogue allows a full complement of team members to point out blind spots and nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed. As a result, our team can avoid field conflicts and ensure that the project is completed safely and on time.

Provide a Comprehensive Project Design and Schedule

Once we’ve landed on a viable project overview, our team can outline the job’s duration and what we need in order to get it done. Identifying what materials and equipment to use and defining site logistics are important steps in providing an accurate assessment and timetable. While it’s vital to be thorough and detail-oriented, we also recognize that any job site comes with unforeseen challenges that field experience — and not overplanning — will help address. According to a 2016 study by The World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, too much time spent planning can negatively impact the work. Our extensive experience in the Bay Area has equipped us with the tools to provide a comprehensive project design and accurate schedule efficiently.

Lock Down Permits and Other Resources Ahead of Time

 Permits and Other Resources To Lock Down Ahead of Time

In order to complete a build on schedule, it’s important to know what permits and resources to secure in advance. Pre-construction allows the general contractor to identify and submit paperwork ahead of time, so that a build won’t be put on hold while waiting for requests to process. Similarly, pre-construction allows us to make contact with our trusted suppliers and our workforce, so we can hit the ground running once construction begins.

Deliver Timely Cost Estimates

One of the most valuable outcomes of a pre-construction phase is an accurate cost estimate. We manage our rough order of magnitude Cost Reference Guide. You can also review our previous projects to learn more about our superior construction experience. Contact us at (408) 379-5500 to get your free quote & to get started today.

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