2018 Year in Review: Celebrating South Bay Construction’s 40th Anniversary

Put the champagne on ice — South Bay Construction is celebrating its 40th year! When the company started in 1978, our vision was to build high-quality, cost-effective development projects. Since then we’ve grown in size, range of projects, and the technologies we use to meet our goals. Through every challenge and success, however, we’ve relied on well-founded partnerships, a stellar team, and our enthusiasm for each project. To commemorate this anniversary, we look back at highlights from our journey, as well as some of 2018’s landmark projects.

South Bay Construction’s Early Years and Evolution

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When founder Jim Mair saw an opportunity to start an in-house construction contractor for South Bay Development, South Bay Construction was born. Of course, construction is a competitive business, so it’s a testament to the hard work of that early team that SBC grew quickly and revenue increased to $500 million in just eight years. Meanwhile, South Bay Construction continued to grow in leadership and aptitude. Rich Furtado and several other key players joined the company in the 1980s, helping to strengthen core values and build client trust with the successful completion of multiple builds in the Bay Area. In 1992, Rich Furtado acted upon his vision of expanding the in-house company to a large, project-diverse operation. South Bay Construction now works on several types of construction projects including office buildings, tech and R&D, retail centers, mixed-use, hospitality, and recreation centers. . Our services range from the construction of new-shell buildings and tenant improvements, to renovations and rehabilitation projects.

2018 Project Highlights

In the last year, we completed several standout projects that bear our hallmark stamp of being contemporary, on budget, and on time. In most cases, SBC started off purely with work on the ground-up shells, but thanks to the quality of our service, we were subsequently awarded tenant-improvement work on most of these projects as well.

In the thriving heart of Redwood City, we completed two such projects. 550 Allerton Street is a six-story office building that offers the best in energy efficiency and transportation options to environmentally-conscious Silicon Valley commuters. 889 Winslow Street also caters to innovation while paying homage to the Bay Area’s heritage, with an Old World-style exterior and classic yet modern interior details.

We also completed a five-story office building Creekside, which required a balance of flexibility, ingenuity, and resilience in order to meet the demands of a tricky job site. At 237 @ First, we built an outdoor social area full of modern amenities to complement a state-of-the-art office building.

The 1625 Plymouth project continued the tech trend, hosting Google offices in its six-story-tall, steel and glass structure design. Last but not least, the Mission office space offers sleek, reliable workspace to Bay Area tenants.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Shared Values

A contributing factor to our status as an industry leader is staying current with new technologies that enable growth. We welcome tools that keep our workers safe and allow them to work smarter, software that improves communication and cuts down on delays, and other innovations that increase productivity, reduce accidents, and keep our clients — and team — up to date.

We also recognize that a strong team is as integral to the success of each project as rebar and concrete. We foster relationships between employees and company leaders with annual company events, job site barbecues, and regular team-building activities. Our open door, open office policies further these connections on the day-to-day level. We’re committed to building trust and paving the way for the honest communication that is so important to our work — in the office and on the job site.

We’d like to close these reflections on our 40th year by taking a moment to thank everyone who contributed to these strong foundations and successful builds for their hard work and dedication. To our clients, subcontractors, and our employees: thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re in it for the next 40 years. Learn how you can partner with us to accomplish your next build.

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