8 Construction Management Software Solutions that Get the Job Done

Construction sites are dynamic: from managing teams and consulting clients to the logistics of building the site itself, each job relies upon multiple moving parts for successful completion. Construction management software (CMS) helps alleviate the burden of multi-tasking by increasing transparency on a job site, streamlining numerous processes, and facilitating transitions between teams, clients, and accounts. The right CMS can also improve your budgeting, call attention to problem areas, and help with labor management. Any quality software solution should simplify a construction manager’s job to ensure they can deliver excellent results, each and every time.

With excellence in mind, here are eight construction management software solutions that are leading the way when it comes to construction technology.


RedTeam describes itself as “the most complete project management and construction financials solution for commercial general contractors”. Their solutions compete with other key players in the landscape by offering a centralized cloud-based platform with scheduling, accounting, project management, and equipment management capabilities. Importantly, RedTeam offers a “Price Lock Guarantee”, which means that the price of the solution doesn’t increase with number of users. So, as a company grows, the price of its construction management software remains stable, which means that the return on investment is more predictable.


Designed for general contractors and subcontractors, Snagmaster provides  real-time, data-driven overviews of management processes and workflow for project completion and handover. This mobile- and tablet-friendly product works with a suite of compatible apps that allow users to manage their project both online and off. Users can sketch, mark-up drawings, attach pictures, and use other visual references to capture information and stay in touch with their team. Snagmaster also takes into account that the construction industry operates on both electronic and paper records, and therefore provides configurable eForms that can be used to more efficiently gather and export field information.  


BrickControl is easy-to-use construction management software designed for small, medium, and large construction companies. Whether you manage projects or execute them, BrickControl can streamline your workload. This cloud-based application allows its users to create and manage budgets, import price data, plan projects, control certifications, measure progress, allocate expenses, and analyze discrepancies.


One of the well-known players in the CMS arena, Procore is a comprehensive software solution that offers project management, risk management through data point access, financial oversight and control, and labor management solutions. Procore customizes its offering by working directly with users in order to tailor features to specific needs. It also allows users to collaborate in real time through a streamlined, fully accessible platform that is compatible with a range of common devices. Thanks to all its features, it’s sure to become an indispensable tool.  


Newforma is designed for engineers, architects, contractors, and owners. The software primarily provides email and file management services, and ensures that data, emails, and important files are organized, searchable, and compiled in one place. The software also syncs with other systems in order to streamline workflow. By enabling the easy exchange of information, Newforma simplifies communication between internal and external project team members, making this tool widely adaptable to any project. Newforma runs regular webinars, which are worth checking out.


It’s no secret that cash flow is a constant consideration in the construction industry. Dexter + Chaney targeted this industry-wide issue through Spectrum Construction Software, a cloud solution that offers construction management applications. With an emphasis on financial management solutions, Spectrum Construction Accounting Software is the foundation of the platform, and is designed to help with accounting, HR, payroll, purchasing, and inventory. The product also allows for easy collaboration by providing communication tools for use by vendors and contractors, as well as data-informed internal communication.


eSUB construction management software provides a full suite of applications including time card management, corporate management, resource management, and scheduling. It’s configurable to the industry at hand whether that’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or something else and also offers a handy Field Works mobile app that allows you to create, access, and store projects on a mobile device. eSUB Time is another feature worth mentioning. It makes it easy for both office and field workers to manage time and flag issues related to timesheets. With eSUB Time, workers can track time accurately and quickly shift between projects. They can even record breaks while remaining signed in on a particular project.     


BuilderStorm is a software solution for large construction firms that offers a massive number of features. BuilderStorm offers everything from solutions for document management and drawing hosting, to cost tracking and allocation. It not only allows you manage all aspects of a project at a high level, but also lets you dig into the details with features like a snag list and interactive drawings for annotation. BuilderStorm provides unlimited storage for uploading project files, automated and customized data backups, and data migration services.

As construction managers tackle increasingly complex projects, it’s vital their digital tools keep pace. Look to these eight software solutions for signs of where the industry is headed towards integration, customization, and technology that makes the job of construction management easier and more efficient.

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