How We Got Here: A Celebration of People

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When South Bay Construction first started in 1978, we knew that the success of every completed project depended on the people behind it. Our core goal — of providing timely, sustainably-built projects that exceed client expectations, while nurturing long-lasting relationships — has been met time and time again through the dedication of our team and their passion for the work. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of South Bay Construction, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s growth, important milestones, and — most importantly — the people who made it all possible.

A South Bay Success Story

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South Bay Construction began as an in-house subcontractor in northern California. At this fledgling stage, the company brought in $40 million a year. Current partner Richard Furtado saw an opportunity, however, to pursue third-party work by taking South Bay Construction out from beneath its parent company. Two current partners, JB Cahoon and Cameron Peach, soon joined him in this ambitious new endeavor. After branching off on its own, SBC set up headquarters in Campbell, California, where it has remained ever since. In fact, 90% of our projects are south of California State Route 92 in the Bay Area.

Early Success and Earned Experience

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The hard work of the early team members quickly paid off. South Bay Construction grew to $500 million in revenue in just eight years, with the company’s background in subcontracting paving the way for future builds. While our first decade saw a focus on tenant improvement projects, we steadily grew our client base on the tenets of trust, hard work, and reliability.

In 1994, SBC branched out of the tenant improvement space with a four-story ground-up design build project. From there, we continued to assemble a roster of landmark projects: retail hubs like Santa Clara Square and Main Street Cupertino, cutting-edge commercial builds including the Stadium Tech Center and 889 Winslow, and state-of-the-art retreat centers like 1440 Multiversity expanded our construction portfolio.

As SBC’s revenue and project scope continued to grow throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the team also increased in size. Jerri Kroen took on the role of CFO and Jenny Mata stepped in as Office Manager. Wayne Smith worked his way up the ranks from Project Superintendent to General Superintendent. Today, nearly half of our staff has been with the company for 10 years or more.

Hard Work, Camaraderie, and Trust

The construction industry will always be a competitive business, and here at SBC, we contribute our rapid growth to our ability to tackle a diverse range of projects. From shells to tenant improvements to mixed-use construction and retail centers, South Bay Construction applies its hard work and talent to a wide breadth of builds. This adventurous spirit allows us to learn, grow, and thrive alongside our clients.

Further helping the company stand out from the competition is our dedication to performance, standing up for what’s right, and maintaining a “small business” atmosphere that makes SBC feel like a family. In 2007, South Bay Construction withdrew from the Carpenter’s Union in order have the freedom to choose our labor force, regardless of their union affiliations. This move allowed us to have a more competitive cost structure while maintaining a high value to our clients.

Lastly, South Bay Construction believes that partnerships built on trust — both with our clients and our team members — are vital to our success. An open door, open office policy underscores this purposeful community-building, making it possible for all employees to feel connected no matter their company position. The partners lead by establishing and communicating clear company values, and SBC strives to promote from within. Team-building events are scheduled throughout the year, and employees enjoy flexible schedules so that their family away from South Bay Construction can always come first. We not only view our employees as family, but we understand that family is a priority for everyone in the company as well.

It’s the People Who Make it Possible

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A number of key players have helped to make South Bay Construction what it is today. As we turn 40, we’re calling out and giving kudos to our longest-serving team members.

  • Those who have been with South Bay for more than 20 years are: Richard Furtado, Trinity Adams, Wayne Smith, Jerri Kroen, Larry Paterson, Jere Potter, Chuck Francis, Craig Bolding, Cameron Peach, Antonio Fernandez, Luis Santamaria, JB Cahoon, and Marcel Estrada.
  • People who have been with the company for over 10 years include: Michelle Crow, Enrique Perez, Jim Richley, Frank Narciso, Marco Velasco, Godofredo Gonzalez, Larry Smedley, Jenny Mata, Jim Harrison, Chris Bolding, Dusty Furtado, Gustavo Macias, Hong Windham, and Kenny Palmer.  

And we’re not done yet: we’re happy to introduce our new Project Executive department that will be overseeing our Project Management team. Our Project Executives have 50+ years’ combined experience in the industry — their expertise and leadership are great assets to our existing company structure.

A lot has changed since 1978, but the quality of people at SBC will remain the same, fostering the strong company we have today. Thank you to our South Bay Construction team!

Looking for a reliable construction partner that values long-term relationships? Learn how South Bay can help make your construction aspirations a reality.

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