Project Spotlight: 1180 Main

We were absolutely thrilled to work on this gorgeous 186,000 sq. ft. core and shell building with Brick and Premia Capital LLC. It features two levels of below grade parking and three levels of office space above grade, with beautiful second and third floor terraces.

The design of this soon to be home of the new office space for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) was inspired by the unique triangular lot it sits upon. It sits at the intersection of three separate neighborhoods, CalTrain tracks, and a culvert.

Office Construction by South Bay Construction

We were brought aboard early in the process to provide construction logistic and feasibility feedback to assist with design and cost control.

A building truly brought together by design

The design of this gorgeous space took cues from the surrounding neighborhood. The stunning exterior skin consists of precast concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and metal panels that remind one of the area’s warehouse roots.

Industrial Design Features

To the south, along Elm street, a shipping container cafe, further reminiscent of the area’s previous industrial past, adds to the friendly atmosphere, encouraging interaction between office workers and neighborhood residents.

Exterior of Office Building
Outdoor Seating for Office Building

But perhaps most striking is the public park that follows the curve of the creek that welcomes you as you head toward the main entrance. The park itself features plenty of gorgeous seating. It is accented with public art, consisting of a brass sculpture, benches, and a water inspired design set into the entrance concrete, all of which is connected to the building by a pedestrian bridge.

The northeastern side of the building hosts a breathtaking grand event stair — perfect for both relaxing or for a grand event. This neighbors the active CalTrain line along which is a tree-lined pedestrian walkway.

Event Staircase for Office Building

The facade of 1180 Main features operable windows and natural daylighting throughout, creating a comfortable, light-filled workplace, and the insulated glass combined with the wood slats creates a relaxing shade and gentle warmth as the sun sets.

Office Building Construction Project South Bay Construction

As you can tell, it turned out incredibly well. 1180 Main brings together commuters, employees, the neighborhood, and anyone who might pass by while taking design cues from the surrounding neighborhood with warm wood accents and bricks to harmonize with residential buildings.

It was truly a pleasure to work on this with Brick and Premia. From large-scale construction to tenant improvement projects, South Bay Construction masters every detail collaboratively, professionally, and expertly. You can view more of our projects here, and if you’d like to learn more about any of these or if you’d like to inquire about a project one of your own, please get in touch by calling us at (408) 379-5500.

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