Project Spotlight: 650 Live Oak

As the demand for Silicon Valley real estate continues to climb, more construction projects are focusing on increasing urban density by building mixed-use residential and commercial spaces. Working with developer Kenson Ventures, the architecture firm brick, and construction manager Minkoff Group, South Bay Construction completed a standout example of green buildings done right with the 650 Live Oak project. This Menlo Park build, completed in 2020, combines residential units with designated office space for a new take on urban living. From shared gathering spaces to modern amenities, here are the highlights of South Bay Construction’s most recent example of green building.

Green Building Construction Bay Area

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Generous and Green Office Space in Menlo Park

With 25,420 square feet of rentable office space spread out over three different floors, 650 Live Oak sets the stage for a modern working experience on par with any of its neighbors in Silicon Valley. The first-floor office includes workstations, a conference room, a kitchen, and a reception area, while the upper two floors feature a mix of workstations and offices, break area, conference rooms, and a kitchen on the second floor.

Overall, the office space is built to offer tenants a comfortable work environment: collaborative office layouts encourage teamwork and creativity, convenient outdoor environments allow employees to work in the open air, large operable windows offer clear views, and high ceilings evoke the expansive scope of the surrounding area. A rooftop deck on the third floor expands the working experience, offering office tenants panoramic vistas and a sustained connection to nature. The office build incorporates sustainable materials to ensure the building stays environmentally friendly, and an application for LEED Gold certification is underway. The building’s design is also solar PV ready, so that tenants can incorporate solar power at any time.

Green Apartment Building Construction Bay Area

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Flexible and Modern Residential Living

The project’s approval by the city included a public benefits bonus that specified the build include .5 below-market-rate (BMR) housing units, and 650 Live Oak went four times above this requirement. The result was 17 new housing units (including the two BMR units) for 38 residents, split throughout a three-story multi-family residential apartment building, two townhomes, and five studio apartments in the mixed-use residential and office space. These units were constructed in an array of sizes ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom homes, and each features patio or balcony space, flexible living areas that can adapt to a resident’s lifestyle and needs, and pet-friendly policies. Residents can also enjoy a host of amenities outside their units, including a private shared courtyard, bicycle storage, electrical vehicle charging, and an underground parking garage.

A community park allows office workers and residents to share green space, while all tenants have access to the vibrant culture and community of Menlo Park. 650 Live Oak is steps away from the downtown area where coffee shops, grocery stores, and retail experiences augment an urban lifestyle. The Caltrain is one block away, making for easy commuter access into the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Mixed-Use Building Construction Bay Area

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Balancing Space in an Urban Environment

While 650 Live Oak responds to the need for urban density by featuring a mix of residential and commercial office space, it was important that the private residences didn’t feel like they were part of a commercial office building. South Bay Construction was able to accomplish cohesion by balancing shared assets, such as a parking garage and community park, with structural design that placed adequate space between residents and office tenants, and ensured that even the mixed-use office building felt warm and welcoming.

The project was successfully completed, despite the fact that the hired architect changed mid-project. The shift required South Bay Construction to collaborate with the new architect to fill in the missing pieces on the build while not missing a beat in the construction process. Rising to challenges such as this one is a defining quality of working with South Bay Construction. If you’d like to learn more about our projects or get started on one of your own, please get in touch.

All Photography Credit: Daniel Gaines Photography

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