Project Spotlight: Arm

Inviting office design can make all the difference for employees and teams as they go about their workday. Wanting a modern, open workspace, semiconductor and software design company Arm partnered with South Bay Construction and Arc Tec to renovate their North American headquarters in San Jose. Completed in 2020, this sophisticated commercial office remodel spans two buildings and puts an emphasis on collaborative space. From bright communal areas to state-of-the-art facilities, here are the highlights from South Bay Construction’s latest modern office project.

Collaborative Office Space in San Jose

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Robert Calderwood

Having worked with Arm previously on renovations to their tech hub and café, South Bay Construction continued the remodel of the San Jose office with comfort in mind. Across two buildings on Rose Orchard Way, the interiors feature luminous reception areas, open-plan workstation rows, and large spaces for dining, conferences, and communal use.

The commercial office remodel is characterized by its openness — exposed ceilings and ductwork give the spaces a striking, industrial edge. The new design encourages collaboration, but also has plenty of room for concentration; each workstation row offers partial privacy thanks to custom felt panels, and the yellow accents add a fun pop of color to the space.

Letting the Light In

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Robert Calderwood

The office’s industrial aesthetic connects to the outdoors through an abundance of windows and natural light, boosted by the addition of two 15’x20’ architectural skylights in the cafeteria. The dining facilities are among the project’s more ambitious new features, with a full-service kitchen and dining area that includes a 2,500-gallon grease waste interceptor and supportive underground plumbing. The build fulfilled all relevant safety inspection requirements, contributing to the site’s LEED Gold and WELL certifications.

A Place with Presence

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Creativity is prioritized throughout the office: wooden ceilings and doors promote sustainability in design while introducing an earthy and tranquil color palette. South Bay Construction also cut in and built a new staircase, further connecting Arm’s teams.

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The new outdoor courtyard bridges the two buildings, providing a lush green space for employees looking to work and relax in the open air. Other amenities include a large-scale fitness center to further promote health and wellness among staff.

Creating a Considerate, Inviting Workspace

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Robert Calderwood

Arm’s San Jose office remodel provides a warm, welcoming environment for employees and visitors. The spacious design, artistic edge, sustainable materials, and infusions of nature all contribute to an eco-friendly workplace that encourages creativity and teamwork.

South Bay Construction successfully completed the project while contending with a number of challenges. Building and fire department delays prolonged the project schedule, and physical distancing requirements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic halted the build until it was safe to resume construction.

Ultimately, the project overcame the inspection challenges and disruptions caused by shutdowns. South Bay Construction was able to offer the team an in-depth tour of the new commercial office remodel by using drone footage to clearly capture the renovated design space. We understand that employee welfare comes first, and the new office spaces at Rose Orchard Way provide a safe, spacious environment for teams in the future.

Whatever the challenges, completing projects to the highest standards is a signature trait of working with South Bay Construction. If you’d like to learn more about our projects or inquire about one of your own, please get in touch by calling us at (408) 379-5500.

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