Project Spotlight: Creekside, 237 @ First, and 24Hundred Mission

outside view of creekside building

With the tech boom showing no signs of stopping, the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be an exciting place for innovation and development. But this tech corridor isn’t just home to consumer-facing software companies — plenty of industries call the area home, and they are all deserving of top-of-the-line facilities. At South Bay Construction, we work hard to complete projects that exceed client expectations with our thorough, timely, and cost-effective approach. Whether we’re outfitting a building with a new shell, or engaging in a tenant improvement retrofit, all our projects bear the stamp of a job well done. Here, we highlight three recently-completed projects that showcase our commitment to a high standard of excellence — whether our clients build circuit boards or spreadsheets.


Owner: South Bay Development
Architect: Arc Tec
CM: Ingram & Associates

Outside view of Creekside building

interior view of lounge area in creekside

interior view of creekside dining area

inside view of creekside with window

Constructed near downtown Campbell, Creekside is a Class A office building that had its beginnings in a partially-empty lot that served as a parking area. With close proximity to a rail station, the San Jose International Airport, and The Pruneyard shopping center, the location held great potential. However, the project also had its share of challenges: the site was directly adjacent to a hotel that shared a single point of access.

South Bay Construction worked hard to accommodate the project’s hotel neighbor throughout the build. As the building’s parking garage went up directly on top of the hotel’s parking lot, SBC secured valet parking for hotel guests for the duration of construction. The narrow job site also required careful planning and execution when it came to coordinating steel lifts, deliveries, concrete pours, and other time-sensitive and spatially-demanding activities. Fluctuating markets also required project leaders to closely collaborate with building owners over a span of seven years to ensure that the project made financial sense. When the time was right and worked kicked off, this collaboration resulted in the project finishing on time and on budget.

Measuring five stories tall and 178,000 square feet, the building boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that grant panoramic views of the surrounding area and allow loads of natural sunlight to enter. Great attention to detail and customization also paid off. Creekside’s modern steel and glass façade adds a reflective pop, while its adjacent eight-story parking structure and one level of underground parking ensures that both guests and employees never have to waste time looking for an open spot.

237 @ First

Owner: South Bay Development
Architect: KRP Architects
CM: Ingram & Associates

Outside view of 237 at 1st building project by South Bay

view of patio seating at 237 at 1st

inside view of gym within 237 @ 1st

South Bay Construction transformed a previously-undeveloped site into a modern building with a focus on promoting quality of life: the office building includes a bright, smartly-designed fitness center and an accompanying grab-and-go-café. In order to expand on these conveniences, the six-story office also offers a luxurious outdoor amenity space that serves as a relaxation destination and social hub for the building’s tenants.

The completed 237 @ First building is notable for several key design features. Olive trees were relocated from another site to provide shade in the large outdoor arbor, while a patio was built to accommodate tables and chairs. Heaters make the space convenient for year-round use, and a wall constructed of reclaimed lumber interrupts the wind and offers further protection from the elements. A polished concrete bar top, a sand volleyball court, and turf areas were also installed to create an attractive and practical recreation space. This was key, as property owners were looking to the lush outdoor space as an important selling point. The strategy worked, and the building is currently fully leased. Although this tricky and detailed build took place during winter, South Bay Construction stayed on schedule.  

24Hundred Mission

Owner: South Bay Development
Architect: KRP Architects
CM: Ingram & Associates

outside view of building - 24Hundred Mission

The 24Hundred Mission is a Class A, six-story office space with a sleek façade that complements the bevvy of modern offices and commercial buildings in the surrounding area. The nearby parking garage provides ample room for tenants, without visually overshadowing the main building. SBC was successful in staying on budget throughout the project, while coordinating with Silicon Valley Power on unexpected utility relocations. 24Hundred Mission was yet another successful core and shell project, and the owner can now lease to tenants seeking a considered, comfortable workspace.

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its creative thinking, and South Bay Construction’s projects are no exception. Adept at executing shell constructions, tenant improvements, and everything in between, SBC uses premium materials to construct the most modern of buildings. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.

If you have an upcoming project that could use an experienced hand, count on South Bay Construction to get it done—on time, on budget, and above expectations.

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