Project Spotlight: Mission Park Marketplace

When South Bay Construction was presented with a new construction project in Santa Clara that included the building of the five-story Element Hotel and accompanying retail spaces, we were confident we could bring our expertise to the task. We were brought in to assist Washington Holdings, which owns a 42-acre business park in the area, with the RFP process. 

We were awarded the project due to our experience working in the city, most notably on the Santa Square Retail project. The client envisioned a modern hotel and amenities that complemented the park’s surrounding tech companies, a roster that counts Intel’s World Headquarters among its members, as well as five retail buildings. We were proud to take on the project as a continuation of our relationship-building with both Santa Clara and local companies, partnering with TynanGroup on construction management to bring the build to life.

A Recreation and Retail Destination 

Dubbed Mission Park Marketplace, the project site sits in a thriving hub of Santa Clara. With nearby tech companies pushing the edge of innovation, a modern and dynamic addition to the area was required to keep pace with the neighbors. The AXIS/GFA Architecture-designed Element Hotel Santa Clara features 175 guest rooms, an exercise room, breakfast and kitchen spaces, a bar, and an exterior pool. The attention to detail on this build is seen in the structure’s glass storefront entrance, lobby and bar casework, and window fins. Pairing light woods and open floor plans, the hotel’s interior design creates a sense of ease and leisure for its guests.

In order to enhance the hotel experience, South Bay Construction was also commissioned to build five new retail spaces on site. Designed by BCV Architects, these single-story units embody the casual-chic aesthetic of Northern California: glass storefronts make the most of the region’s abundant sunlight, while charred wood cladding adds an earthly component and references the nearby Redwoods. Ever-practical concrete serves a new purpose as decoration. Perhaps the most unique feature is a bocce court, which allows hotel guests and shoppers alike to take a breath and engage with the retail space in a new way. Outdoor seating adds to the easygoing atmosphere.

Building With Excellence

South Bay Construction also ensured that the property succeeded in its functional aspects. The parking lot includes improvements to meet ADA standards, and facilitates easy and free-flowing car access. The hotel is built to LEED Silver standards, ensuring higher levels of energy efficiency. Meanwhile, exterior lighting on the retail buildings casts the entire marketplace with a beautiful glow each evening.

The project had a few challenges, and South Bay Construction successfully coordinated many moving parts to adhere to a schedule. Although most of the project leaders lived in different states, we used weekly conference calls and shared software solutions to keep the team informed. This emphasis on technology, a committed workforce, and stellar communication came in handy when several significant permits were delayed by six months. Despite these setbacks, we were able to complete the project with only a two month extension to the original schedule. By July 2019, Mission Park Marketplace had received its finishing touches.

Thanks to our committed team and our many years in the construction business, we’re able to execute on new and exciting builds in a timely way. And Mission Park Marketplace is a great example of what can be accomplished with creativity, attention to detail, and rigorous problem solving.

With an emphasis on trust and commitment to our team and our clients, South Bay Construction wields our industry expertise alongside modern technology in order to deliver on time and on budget. If you would like to learn more about our projects or have us collaborate on one of your own, please contact us today. 

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