Technology in Construction at SBC

We’re sure you’ve felt the positive impacts of technology in your own lives (you might even be reading this on your phone), and we have as well. Here at South Bay Construction, we’re always on the lookout for new tools to help us build, both our company and buildings for you. We want to share some of the favorite tools we use now and some technologies we’re looking forward to.

The Tech Tools We Use To Build With

There are a number of tools that have helped our operations grow, due in part to the technology suite we use to get the job done in the office and on-site. This is an overview of some of the tools we use to make our processes more nimble and efficient.

  • Raken is used for daily reports of construction activities and safety. It’s a massive help and streamlines communication. Previously we had PDF templates that had to be filled out, but now our superintendents can complete their daily reporting and safety document on the go with the mobile app that works on iPhone and iPad.
  • PlanGrid covers a lot of stops for us. From design to document management, submittal log creation and tracking to RFI and Punchlist creation, PlanGrid helps us get the job done. Previously, our project engineer group would manually review hard copy documents for log creation. Our entire team benefits from PlanGrid, and it makes everyone’s lives easier.
  • Matterport is a space capture technology that transforms real-life spaces into truly interactive 3D models.It takes the place of construction progress still photos. It’s immensely helpful for our team and is wonderful to share with clients.

Construction Technology with South Bay Construction

Looking to the Future

We are particularly looking forward to the continued advancement in software and other technologies that can help us streamline procurement and deliverables along with allowing for more remote review processes during construction. Here are a few things we are excited about.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM), while not new to the industry, is becoming more necessary in our day-to-day use. We’re currently using BIM in pre-construction timelines to help owners and design teams attain their system goals early on in the project, which helps keep projects on schedule. SBC hopes to use BIM as a new operational standard and will work towards that for our future projects, and we are excited to see what this technology enables us to do in the future.
  • 3D Printing can be used to help an owner and/or designer create a detailed model of their design. This type of use can help the Construction industry with improved project planning, faster production, and the reduction of material waste.
  • Prefabricated materials include structure components like steel, concrete, and wood. These materials are the basis of all standard structures and it’s going to be great to see how these systems can be designed and built, and how the materials will evolve over time.


What We Can Build With the Help of Technologies Like These

You can check out an overview of our projects to see some of the buildings that were created with the help of some of these technologies. If you’d like to learn more about any of these projects or if you’d like to inquire about one of your own, please contact us at (408) 379-5500.

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