The Right Fit: How to Choose the Best Construction Partner for Your TI Project

Choosing the best tenant improvement contractor is vital on the first attempt. Most general contractors are qualified and experienced builders, but a great contractor has the ability to accurately, competitively, and honestly price out a bid. They’ll keep a TI project on time in order to avoid extra expenses and generate the most generous profit margin.

There are many similarities between tenant improvement contractors, so when choosing the right one, the distinguishing factor can often be summed up in one word: personality.

What to Look for When You’re Choosing a Construction Partner

Keep an eye out for a contractor whose personality matches your company’s goals. If they don’t seem excited about your project, or are unwilling to listen to your needs and vision, keep searching. The best contractors have the attitude and personality to make your project work for all parties involved.

A Can-Do Attitude

Choose a contractor who tackles projects head-on. They believe every challenge can be met with a blend of expertise, creativity, and innovation. Persistence is a key factor for a contractor — taking on the inevitable challenges that arise with almost every TI project is something they should do with ease. When evaluating potential contractors, ask them how they’ve dealt with specific issues during projects in the past and how they’ll work to ensure your project stays on track. They should be willing to talk through your ideas during the planning phase, but bring their own expertise to the table as well.

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A Communicative Team

TI projects are particularly demanding for property owners. Every day that a building or space is not fully occupied means a loss in profit for the owner. When combined with the cost of the TI project itself, a property owner faces difficult decisions. The best construction partners are honest and straightforward about what TI’s entail. If they discover that a project is more involved or if an aspect of it is more extensive than originally suspected, they’ll be upfront about what that means to the property owner, the cost of the project, and the overall effect on its completion.

Prompt and honest communication is the foundation on which the best contractors build every relationship they foster with clients. Always ask a prospective contractor for client references. A contractor who prides themselves on good communication should be willing to share information with clients about past projects.

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Size and Experience

While any general contractor in the Silicon Valley area is likely to have the experience needed to complete a simple and straightforward tenant improvement, some companies can tackle even the most complex of them. It’s common that a project that appears to be simple on paper develops unforeseen obstacles and challenges that can leave some construction companies floundering. Your contractor and the superintendent in charge of your TI should have the knowledge to complete a project of your scale. A company with experience encompassing a diverse range of construction experience—from building structures to TI’s—won’t be fazed by complications.

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The Personality Behind South Bay Construction

Since 1978, we’ve delivered billions of square feet of successful projects by cultivating relationships with clients. We take a “cowboy” approach to the work we do.

What does this mean?

While this connotation of a rough-and-tumble person may seem casual for high-tech Silicon Valley, it’s the mindset of standing by our hard work and our word that resembles a “cowboy” approach. In a world that is increasingly filled with lofty demands and empty promises, we’ve built this reputation on our commitment to delivering what we promise, every time. We don’t work in fancy double talk. The bottom line is that our clients can expect we’ll deliver what we’ve agreed upon — without excuses.

South Bay Construction is a leader in commercial construction in the Silicon Valley area. For nearly 40 years, we have been delivering a wide variety of projects — from those that dot the skyline to tenant improvements for the Bay Area’s top companies. From the day a contract is signed, through the design phase and the cutting of the red tape, SBC’s reputation is founded on trust. Contact us today or fill out our form to get a professional quote.

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