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Project Spotlight: Montage Health Endoscopy And Eye Outpatient Surgery Center

South Bay Construction is privileged to be a longtime collaborator with Montage Health, a highly respected regional healthcare system. We help Montage Health build out its vision of optimal health for all people in Monterey County, from birth to end of life!

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BIM Technology at South Bay Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies refers to the range of tools and tech that designers and architects use to create digital representations of the physical spaces that we build. BIM helps us manage projects through the entire cycle. What’s especially useful is that BIM allows for real-time collaboration across all the teams involved in the ...

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Sustainability in Construction at SBC

Efficient windows, smart lighting, and beautiful “green walls.” These are some of the sustainable approaches we’ve worked with and brought to fruition. When approaching any project in collaboration with the architect and other stakeholders, we always look for ways to help fulfill their vision. In this article, we take a look at an overview of ...

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Project Spotlight: Creekside, 237 @ First, and 24Hundred Mission

With the tech boom showing no signs of stopping, the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be an exciting place for innovation and development. But this tech corridor isn’t just home to consumer-facing software companies — plenty of industries call the area home, and they are all deserving of top-of-the-line facilities. At South Bay Construction, …

Project Spotlight: 550 Allerton Street

Redwood City is a place of vibrant contradiction. It’s situated amidst the stunning scenery of Northern California, but it’s also an outpost of Silicon Valley: easy access to nature exists side-by-side with cutting-edge technology. South Bay Construction teamed up with Form4 and Premia to build a striking building that played on this contrast. The result …

Project Spotlight: 889 Winslow St.

From a construction perspective, Redwood City is a fascinating and inspiring place to launch a large project. The area is rich in both natural beauty and architectural history, with landmark buildings standing beside fanning palm trees and the impressive redwoods for which the city is named. At the same time, the city is located within …

Project Spotlight: 1440 Multiversity

Each day you are given 1,440 minutes, but how do you spend that time? At the 1440 Foundation, founders Scott and Joanie Kriens spend their days dedicated to strengthening their connections. With a mission “to serve champions committed to helping us grow in relationship, spirit, and wellness,” they foster their own personal growth by helping …

Project Spotlight: Thinfilm Electronics

Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) is a pioneer in printed electronics technology and processes, specializing in near-field communication technology (NFC). There is huge market demand for NFC today, particularly for smart-packaging solutions, so the company needed a new ultra-high volume manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley to ramp up their production from 24 million to 5 …

South Bay Construction: A Team Player from Concept to Completion

South Bay Construction (SBC) understands the critical role that “Team Building” plays for a project’s key stakeholders.The architectural design team and general contractor strive to provide the best value and highest quality for the owner’s investment. However, they are often operating within the constraints of an industry where risk is high and profit margins can …

Project Spotlight: The Stadium Tech Project

Despite having to survive the Great Recession after its 2007 inception as well as overcome significant construction challenges, the Stadium Tech project emerged triumphantly in the spring of 2016. Its Santa Clara address is within shouting distance of nearby Levi’s Stadium and in the heart of Silicon Valley. Six stories of floor-to-ceiling glass, the distinguishing …


Project Spotlight : Alibaba

When China’s largest Internet company, Alibaba, planned to open its first office outside of China in the Silicon Valley, it considered its real estate options and chose to sign a lease for 16,665 square-feet office space located on the fourth and sixth floors at 400 S. El Camino Real in San Mateo. Focused on recruiting …


Project Spotlight: Shazam and Philz Coffee

    South Bay Construction (SBC) was hired as tenant improvement specialists to remodel a 90-year old building in Redwood City to add to the vitalization of this transient town. An ever-growing demand for tech spaces and coffee shops to sustain employees bustling in the Bay Area were satiated with the development of this project. Two highly …


Project Spotlight: 23andMe

  About the same time that South Bay Construction completed an office tenant improvement (TI) job involving a four-story, 67,000-square-foot building in Mountain View for the leading personal genetics company, 23andMe (June 2015), 23andMe reached a major milestone in its business: it had genotyped more than one million people worldwide! 23andMe is a DNA analysis …

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