Crafting Excellence for Projects Large and Small

While SBC is well known for our successful large scale projects, big builds are not all we do. We use our 45+ years of experience, long-term relationships, and knowledge of the regional construction market to serve diverse clients with projects of all shapes and sizes. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take a quick look at a few projects that illustrate the scope of what we are up to at SBC.

Valley Christian High School, San Jose

For over two decades now, we have supported Valley Christian Schools on multiple builds. This project integrated diverse improvements to the existing structure and athletic facilities. We oversaw the construction of new sports fields and fitness buildings. Additional upgrades to the learning environment included new classrooms, a counseling center, a conservatory library and offices, and a new patio / outdoor space.

Akura/Adona, Los Gatos

A great example of how a mid-size project doesn’t necessarily mean simpler, this interior TI project involved a complex refit of two suites on separate floors of an existing office building  to create ISO 7 lab space and other improvements. Both floors required extensive demolition of partitions, doors, ceilings, and plumbing fixtures. 

The first floor remodel for Akura includes 8,000 sf of lab space, including a 2,779 sf ISO 7 lab and 13,000 sf of supporting office space.

The second floor interior remodel for Adona also includes over 8,000 sf of lab space, including a 2,200 sf ISO 7 lab, a RF Shielded Room and 18,000sf of supporting office space

The finished result for both floors included breakrooms, boardrooms, open office areas, and shipping and receiving areas. Updated restroom cores, including new gender-neutral showers and restrooms. We also integrated housing for two compressors in a roof top “shed” structure.

UBS Financial, Carmel

UBS’s new tenant layout project included 8,695sf renovation of the entire ground floor suite, from MEP to finish out. The project scope included new private and open office space, conference rooms, restrooms, a break room, a coffee bar, and a waiting room. The clean lines of the millwork, ceilings, fixtures, and finishes create a bright, welcoming, upscale ambiance for UBS’ staff and financial services clientele.

3151 Zanker Market Ready, San Jose

Another example of a project scope with a wide range of details is this 42,470 sf interior and exterior market ready improvement. This finished project features a new 2-story volume lobby and a “fin” wall architectural element, as well as new paint, finishes, carpet, ceiling, and lighting throughout the interior space. We also replaced the existing storefront wall system with a new glass folding wall. 

Site work included a new guardrail system at balconies, accessibility upgrades, enhanced landscape, hardscape, and a new deck. 

800 Tasman Market Ready, Milpitas

The Tasman market ready building shell retrofit included exterior improvements such as ADA site upgrades, enhancements to landscape, hardscape, paving, and a new outdoor amenity space. We also built out a new storefront at the entry and a metal panel feature wall.

Interior improvements included wood planks on a shear wall near the entry, an updated lobby, a conference room,  break area and new restroom finishes. One unique feature of this project is the  fitness center with an entry lobby, a studio room, and restrooms/locker rooms.

OPES Advisors, Palo Alto

This small jewel box of a project received the same attention to detail as our biggest jobs. OPES Advisors’ 3,200 sf office tenant improvement included MEP and partial height walls. We also installed industrial-type finishes, glass walls, concrete floors, and lighting.  

These projects (and many more on our website) give an overview of the range of our expertise with clients across different industries. One thing we love about our work is that every client is different, and each project presents its own challenges and rewards. 

What ties the work together are our company values, which haven’t changed since day one. Satisfying our clients is front and center of everything we do. We leverage finely honed processes and new technologies and hire the best people in the industry. We build trust by listening well and communicating clearly. 

So whether your project is a complete build from the ground up or renovating an existing space, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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